Tipping at Weddings & Parties

Tipping is a subject that is both sensitive and mystifying, especially at private functions where no cash is exchanged. It’s a topic that may not be at the forefront of our clients’ minds, but it is one that affects us and our livelihood and deserves some explanation. So, let us give you some guidelines on what is expected so you can be better prepared the next time you host a party or attend a gathering.

To be clear, tipping is customary and bartenders rely heavily on the generosity of guests during their shift. The tips they earn generally make up 50% or more of the pay from an event. It’s important to remember that we as bartenders are working hard for the people we serve. From setup to teardown, the hours can be long and with very little time for a break. Moreover, the venues we serve may expose us …

How Much Alcohol to Buy for my DIY event?

If you’re hosting a party or planning a wedding, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the details. These days, DIY venues like barns, parks, and community centers are popular places to hold a variety of private functions. They offer customers the flexibility in selecting their own caterer or purchasing their own beverages, saving potentially